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autumn-leaves-ring-sm.jpgQ: What is the process that is used in Craig D. Aaron’s jewelry designing?

A: Craig uses the Lost Wax Casting process in all of his designs. Each piece is hand carved with absolutely no computer generated processing. Craig uses renderings (drawings) which he creates for the initial design ideas. He then hand carves wax patterns in 3-D form to resemble the rendering, a very precise and time consuming process. From here, the wax carving is placed in a steel tube, which is then filled with a wet plaster mix. When dry, the steel tube is then placed in a high temperature oven where the wax goes through an evaporation process. This leaves a cavity in the plaster in the form of the original wax pattern. The metal of choice, (i.e. gold, silver or platinum), is then melted and poured into the cavity and cooled. The plaster is then broken away to reveal a rough version of the jewelry piece. Several clean up processes are applied, including sandblasting, filing, polishing, and steam cleaning. If the design requires, gemstones are then set. Final polishing is completed and trademarks are applied. The entire process described above is known as the “lost wax casting” process.

Q: How long does it take Craig D. Aaron to design and make a piece of jewelry?

A: With every piece being different, the amount of time usually varies from a couple of hours to a few days. It could take several weeks even, depending on the complexity and size of the piece.

star-diamond-and-gold-ring-sm.jpgQ: Which precious metals are used in Craig D. Aaron’s jewelry designs?

A: Craig’s favorite metals are high karat yellow gold (18kt and 22kt) because of their pliable nature and their depth of color. He is also partial to using platinum due to its density and feel. Combining high karat gold and platinum is definitely the ultimate in working materials for Craig, due to the beautiful and rich color combinations and the overall integrity and quality of the metals. Craig also designs with 14kt white and yellow gold and silver.

Q: What kinds of gemstones are used in Craig D. Aaron’s designs?

A: Craig has many reputable sources for gemstones of all types, shapes and colors. Spending time with a customer assists in deciding what stones to work with before the process begins.



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