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photo-20of-20craig-20d-20aaron.jpgCraig D. Aaron brings 36 years experience and technical education to each handmade design he creates. He adds a personal touch and style that is exclusively his own. Starting as a adolescent with an interest in art, Craig was hired as a goldsmith’s apprentice, assisting with the process of jewelry design and customer relations. Craig then moved on to formal education, improving his craft by attending classes at the world renown gemological institute, GIA. During that time, Craig was offered a partnership in a retail jewelry store, making him an owner and professional jewelry designer at the age of twenty-two. Since then, Craig has established his clientele based on one theory, to take the time and effort it requires to achieve the highest desired results for each and every customer. Craig is fortunate to work and reside in the beautiful resort town of Lake Arrowhead, California for over 26 years. He has developed a love for the mountain communities, awestern-bands.jpgnd its magnificent scenery has inspired Craig to create a popular line of scenic arrowheads and western themed jewelry, with every piece being signed by the artist. Much of his work has been featured in various magazines including Southern California Bride, Platinum Guild and Designer Showcase Magazines.

Craig D. Aaron Designs, a place where precious stones and metals become creations of individual style and expression. Where craftsmanship is still an art of the hand.




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